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Common Faults

Holden Cruze JG series Camshaft Sensor Faults

Holden Cruze JG 2009-2011 - Engine F18D4 1. 8LCamshaft sensor fault codes: P0340, P0341, P0365, P0366. Camshaft codes are mostly associated with a faulty cam sensor, wiring & or ECM. The Cruze ECM’s (F18D4) are also very commonly water damaged. The camshaft codes can often be seen after the timing belt has been replaced or disturbed.

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Holden VE / VF TEHCM Faults

HOLDEN VE / VF SERIES - Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TEHCM) Common faults include: Harsh gear shift No gear shift Hesitation in gear change The GM Holden TEHCM combines the Transmission control module, valve body solenoids, pressure and temperature switches into one unit. The original TEHCM design is flawed.

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Mitsubishi Outlander / Pajero Accelerator Pedal Postion Fault

Mitsubishi Outlander/Pajero – Fault code P2138 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER ZF 4G69 2004-2006, PAJERO NP 6G75 2004-2006 Fault:  Accelerator pedal position sensor (main & sub) range / performance Fault code P2138 It is a common fault for these vehicles to exhibit an accelerator pedal (APPS) correlation fault code.

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Holden VE - Stop lights not operating

Holden Commodore VE / Statesman WM / Caprice WM series – Stop lights not operating due to (BCM) Body Control Module failure Engine: 3. 0L, 3. 6L & 6.

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Holden Cruze JG-JH ECM failure

Holden Cruze JG-JH series (ECM) Electronic Control Module failure due to water damage Engine F18D4.  Year 2009-onwardsInjectronics receive a large number of ECM’s which have been damaged due to water ingress.  Holden’s popular JG/JH series Cruze is one of them which appears frequently.

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Hydraulic brake booster / ABS control unit faults

A combined Hydraulic Brake Booster & ABS control unit is fitted to many vehicles including the following: Toyota Landcruiser 100 series Toyota Landcruiser Prado 120 / 150 series Lexus LX 100 series Lexus GS / SC series Mitsubishi Pajero NM-NW series These Aisin and Advics units do not use the traditional vacuum assisted brake booster instead they incorporate a hydraulic brake booster with accumulator to store…

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Automotive electronic & mechatronic repair solutions

The proliferation of electronic and mechatronic products in today’s modern vehicles requires a unique repair solution.   Injectronics offer the most experienced team of technicians available to validate and repair a huge range of electronic and mechatronic components.

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Mazda 3 BK-BL series Automatic Transmission Control Module

The Mazda 3 BK/BL 2. 0L - 2. 3L - 2. 5L are an extremely common vehicle on Australian roads, produced from 2004-2009 (BK) & 2009-2013 (BL). Common faults include:The transmission control modules have been presented to Injectronics with various conditions ranging from poor & erratic shifts, shift solenoid operation malfunction fault codes, and transmission in limp mode.

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