Transmission Mechatronics

Most late model vehicles have the Transmission functions controlled by the PCM or PowerTrain control module. When these units fail, they can often have a limited operation, or no drive at all.

Some of the more popular transmission control units Injectronics can test and repair include the Mazda 3 and Toyota RAV4

Injectronics can also repair the integrated transmission ECU or Mechatronics Control module which is mounted inside the actual transmission assembly.

Some of the common integrated units we can repair include;

  • Mercedes Benz CVT For A Class and B Class A150 A170 A189 A200 B200
  • Mercedes Benz 7GTronic 722.9 7 speed
  • Nissan pathfinder
  • Audi CVT and Multitronic

We also have remanufactured GMH Mechatronic units to suit Commodores with TEHCM 6L80 6L45 6L50  

A large advantage of having your own unit repaired is that when you reinstall it into the vehicle, it will not require reprogramming or SCN coding to suit  your vehicle like a second hand or new unit will.

There are many vehicles that incorporate an electronic transmission selector which can fail and Injectronics can repair these for Mercedes Benz, Jeep and many other brands as well as the ISM selector control module as found in Mercedes Benz M Class vehicles. When these units fail the Operator cannot select any gears at all.