Instrument Cluster

Today's vehicles instrument clusters and information displays are becoming increasingly complex and now we are seeing complete LCD displays that can be totally customised to the drivers display preference.

When an instrument cluster fails, you cannot simply fit a second hand unit from another vehicle.  This is because specific vehicle data such as VIN, kilometers and immobiliser information are electronically stored in the cluster and many other modules including the ignition keys.  If these don't match, you may have an inoperative cluster or even a no start situation.  Injectronics can remanufacture your instrument cluster so there is no further installation programming required.

Some if the more common faults include: one or more gauges not operating, display not operating or pixelating, gauge back lighting not operating or intermittent operation. 

Injectronics can also remanufacture and repair the common failing touch screens for the Ford Falcon FG MKII and Ford Territory Titanium SZ display screens with and without factory navigation.  These units can have multiple failures including; power and mode button will not operate whilst climate and volume still functions.  Unit stuck on Ford or FPV logo, no display, fuzzy lines on the screen or even overlapping screens.

We stock many components such as various LCD displays, gauge motors and needles and can provide a prompt repair service.


Interior Command Centre (ICC) 

The Interior Command Centre or Infotainment system began to appear in the luxury vehicle market from the year 2000 onward, and became a standard feature of most new vehicles around 2010. They have many functions and control systems like navigation, music or entertainment, as well as heating and cooling. Like most other electronic items, failures can occur leading to costly replacements from dealerships.

 Due to the age of some of these vehicles, customers have found that some replacement units are difficult to source, are no longer available from a dealership, or they can turn out to be an expensive replacement. Injectronics can offer a full repair of the Interior Command Centre, with a quick turnaround time and competitive pricing