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Do you want your unit repaired quicker?  Does your customer want their car back sooner?  Book your job online today and speed up the process by ensuring all the required…

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Free tech support to the trade

What sets Injectronics apart from everyone else in the automotive industry is the ongoing service that it gives to its customers. Since 1984, Injectronics has been providing supply solutions for electronic and mechatronic components to the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers.

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Holden Cruze Body Control Module

Modern Body Control Modules (BCM) monitor a vast array of electronic body functions in today’s vehicles from lights, security, windows, and door locks, to mention a few. The BCM in the Holden Cruze communicates with other onboard control modules via the vehicles CAN Bus network.

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Mercedes Benz ME9.7 Electronic Control Module

The Mercedes Benz C/E/G/M and S Class vehicles that have a build date from 2005 up to 2014 utilised the Bosch ME9. 7 Electronic Control Module (ECM)  Injectronics have noted many workshops reporting a range of common problems with these vehicles fitted with the Bosch ME9. 7 ECM.

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Interior Command Centre repairs

The Interior Command Centre or Infotainment system began to appear in the luxury vehicle market from around the year 2000 onward, and became a standard feature of most new vehicles around 2010. If the ECM is the brains of the vehicle, then these command centres could be considered the heart.

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Holden SIDI Engine

The very popular 3. 0L and 3. 6L Spark Ignition Direct Injection (SIDI) engine were first introduced in Australia by Holden in 2010. The new Euro IV emission compliant 3. 0L and 3. 6L engines are both made in Melbourne and use SIDI technology.

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MAN - Truck ECM

MAN (2003 onward) Truck Electronic Control Module The EDC7C32 engine management system is often paired with MAN diesel engines manufactured from the mid 2000’s and were used in a variety of applications such as street-sweepers, excavators, heavy trucks, Buses and even boats! Where the engines differ in size, capacity and application the EDC unit remains relatively similar, meaning faults that affect the…

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Introducing eHAT

Injectronics has invented a world-first technology that fully function tests both the electronic and hydraulic components within the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) modules. Injectronics’ in-house research and development team has exclusively designed and developed the Electronic and Hydraulic ABS Tester (eHAT), equipment that accurately diagnoses faults within the ABS modules and hydraulic brake boosters.

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Caterpillar 70 Pin ECM

The 70 Pin 2 plug Caterpillar ECM made its debut with 3126 engine in 1998.

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