Electronic Control Module


What we do?

Injectronics specializes in Electronic Control Module (ECM) repairs, offering comprehensive services to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair various types of ECMs.

Our skilled technicians are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and cutting-edge technology to handle a wide range of ECMs, including engine control units, transmission control units, ABS modules, and more.


The engine Electronic Control Module, ECM has been called many things including Electronic Control Unit (ECU), Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Engine brain, Black box and there are many manufacturers including: Bosch, DME, Motronic, Digitronic, Cartronic, Jetronic, Siemens, Trionic, VDO, HFM, Monolith, Mitsubishi, Kefico, Hella, Jecs, Nippon Denso, Hitachi, FOMO CO, and Delphi.

Injectronics can test, repair or remanufacture many types of Electronic Control Modules (ECMs), and carry a large range of remanufactured exchange units in stock. Injectronics use a dedicated, in house designed and built tester called a Virtual Automotive Simulator or VAS to test the ECM and many other electronics components found in the modern motor vehicle.






Many late model vehicles require ECM’s to be programmed to a specific vehicle in order to match or align the ECM to the vehicles BCM or immobiliser system.  Other late model ECM’s require variant coding, a process that enables manufacturers to use one particular ECM’s hardware in a range of vehicles, by programming it with a particular vehicle’s variants.  These variants may include things such as diff ratio, tyre size, ABS type, cruise control, transmission ratios etc. In most cases, Injectronics can program an exchange unit to suit the customer’s requirements. Injectronics can also clone customers units when the unit is not repairable such as water damaged units.

Vehicles such as BMW 3 series  E90 E91 ,E92 and BMW 1 series E87 often present with water damaged units and where Injectronics cannot repair a customer’s unit (due to severe damage) we can often supply an exchange unit which will be programmed so the customer can directly fit without any further programming required.