Immobiliser / Security

Most vehicles starting from the 1990s had some form of Immobiliser fitted. This has increased in complexity over the years. Most vehicles these days have many electronic modules “Locked” to each other and if one of these units is removed or swapped out for another unit the vehicle will not even start. Some of the modules that are being locked together include ECM, immobiliser unit, Body control module BCM, Column integration module CIM, Electronic steering lock, Transmission mechatronic unit and Keys.

As well as repairing electronic keys,we can also supply many vehicle brands of Keys which we can program and match to multiple units. Many of these units require extensive programming when installing and Injectronics can offer a Rapid repair service for many kinds of Immobiliser and security components such as:

  • EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch)
  • ESL (Electronic Steering Lock)
  • CAS module
  • Column integration module
  • Immobiliser module repair and reprogramming
  • Repair of electronic keys
  • Reprogramming of new or existing keys
  • Instrument clusters with Integrated immobiliser functions