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Wet feet in your Porsche?

Are you getting wet feet in your Porsche?

Wet Floors are a common occurrence in the Porsche 911 996 (1998 – 2004) and Porsche Boxster 987 (2005-2009), due to water entering the cabin.

Yes accidents can happen, from an open window or convertible top left open during a rainstorm or most commonly from clogged roof drains. If your car is parked outside, you run the risk of your drains becoming clogged due to debris and dirt.

Failure to clean out the drains can result in flooding of your car's interior. When the drains are blocked, water collects under the clamshell and will overflow into the vehicle's cabin. The Body Control Module and Theft Control Module are located under the passenger seat at the lowest point on the floor. Failure of the Body Control Module or Theft Control Module often leads to a costly dealer repair and is often due to water ingress.

Common signs of a faulty Body control or Theft control module.

  • No start
  • Windows operate on their own
  • Random Alarm operation
  • Convertible top fails to operate
  • Interior lights stop working
  • The airbag light will come on
  • Turning signal lights won't work
  • Remotes will not work
  • Doors cannot be locked or unlocked
  • Both front and back trunks do not open or close
  • No communication to the DME ECU
  • The radio will not work
  • Cannot open the fuel tank cap
  • Water damage


Place the convertible top into the service position and remove the keys from the ignition. Clean any debris away from the drain screens located on the left and right, under the clamshell. Remove the drain screens by pulling straight up. The left and right drain outlets are situated in the front of the rear wheels, slowly pour water down the drain tray area. If the water pools or is slow to drain, then your drains may have collected debris, and you should refer to the manufacturer's workshop procedure for cleaning the tubes. It is also recommended to dry the vehicle's carpet using a wet vac or towels and extract as much of the water as possible before removing the carpet and hinging it to dry completely before refitting to the vehicle.


If water has entered the cabin and you are experiencing one or more of the above-listed faults, Injectronics can test and repair the customer's unit. In the event a repair is not possible, Injectronics can program a suitable replacement unit.


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