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Injectronics are EXPANDING!

Australia’s leading electronic and mechatronic components supplier Injectronics will expand its capacity this month with the opening of a new facility in Sydney.

On May 1st Injectronics will open the doors to our second facility, based in Arndell Park NSW.   We understand that time is critical when we have a customers unit being tested or repaired, which is why we are so excited to offer the our customers in and around the Sydney area a local facility to improve our customer service and speed back to the customer.

The new facility will offer:

  • Same day turnaround on some repairs 
  • Change over units 
  • Local testing & repairs
  • Local technical support

Customers will be able to drop off or ship directly to the new address at Level 1 3/204 Walters Road, Arndell Park NSW 2148. 

Contact the team on 0448 103 232 or 1300 30 80 60

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