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Toyota Yaris NCP90R Cluster fault

Customer Complaint

Injectronics have spoken to numerous mechanics working on the Toyota Yaris with some common complaints regarding the inaccuracy of the fuel gauge in the vehicle.
These mechanics have seen issues such as the fuel gauge showing between full and ¼ of a tank of fuel and the vehicle completely runs dry. Another common issue appears after filling the tank and the fuel gauge is very slow to respond, sometimes taking up to 10 minutes to register fuel in the tank.

Affected Vehicles:
  • Toyota Yaris NCP90R (2005 /2011)
  • Toyota Yaris NCP91R (2005 /2011)
  • Toyota Yaris NCP93R (2006 /2017)
Genuine OEM part numbers:
  • 83800-52B90
  • 83800-52B91
  • 83800-52R10
  • 83800-52R11
  • 83800-52X50

Workshops presented with these vehicles can confirm the customers fault by first testing the fuel sender unit for correct operation. Using a multi meter and measuring the resistance between terminal 2 and 1 of the J5 Fuel Sender Gauge Assembly connector plug as per the image below.

Refer to table for correct sender readings.

If the fuel sender checks are okay, technicians are advised to then check the wiring for any faults. Disconnect the instrument cluster connector plug and measure the resistance between D1-3 (l) to J5-2 and J5-3 to Body Ground.


Injectronics through extensive investigation of the Toyota Yaris NCP90R, NCP91R and NCP93R instrument clusters, have identified several key areas affecting the fuel level operation.
If the fuel sender and wiring checks confirm that the sender and wiring are ok and it is determined that the instrument cluster maybe at fault, the only option left for the customer would be to replace the instrument cluster with a genuine replacement from the dealer. Injectronics can offer a more cost effective solution by testing and repairing the customer’s own unit.

See repair number DASNCPREP
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