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Toyota Hilux KUN Instrument cluster fault

Injectronics technical team are seeing an increasing amount of inquires relating to the Toyota Hilux KUN 16/25/26 2005-2015 instrument cluster. The instrument cluster relies on many inputs from sensors such as the temperature sensor, wheel speed sensors via the ABS unit and fuel sender unit to relay important information to the driver.

Common faults:

Customers have experienced a number of faults with these instrument clusters. The most common being a faulty or inaccurate fuel level reading. The customers report running out of fuel even though the gauge indicates the tank is still a quarter full. This can cause damage to the fuel system components, including fuel injectors and fuel pumps, often leaving a costly repair bill, but can also leave the driver stranded on the side of the road. Other faults include but are not limited to:

  • Inaccurate or faulty fuel level reading
  • Speedometer inoperative
  • Instrument back lighting not working or flickering
  • All gauges inoperative

Injectronics can test and repair these instrument clusters for the above - mentioned faults avoiding the need to source a second
hand replacement unit that may in turn have the same fault. The Injectronics repair service is also a more cost effective solution
verse the cost of a new OEM unit.

Prior to sending in the instrument cluster for repair it is advised to check the function of the fuel sender unit for correct operation,
the speedometer transducer and any related wiring. The fuel level sender can be easily checked by removing the sender unit and with
a multi meter check the ohms reading by raising and lowering the float from full to empty, making sure the signal does not drop out
and decreases and increases with the movement of the float.

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