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Mitsubishi Lancer ABS Warning light

We have heard an increasing number of Mitsubishi Lancer CJ owners complaining about the ABS warning light illuminating in the central display of their Instrument Cluster. This is one of the common faults presenting when the ABS fails.

Pictured is the ATE MK61 ABS control unit fitted to many late model vehicles from 2007 onwards including the Mitsubishi Lancer CJ series.

Common faults include:

  • No communication with scan tool to ABS module
  • ABS traction light on instrument cluster
  • Fault codes related to pump voltage fault
  • C1073 faulty motor drive circuit
  • C2116 abnormality in power supply voltage in pump motor
  • Steering wheel cannot be turned, even with key inserted into EIS.


In some cases it can be as simple as replacing a worn or faulty wheel speed sensor but large majorities are being diagnosed with a faulty ABS control unit. After carrying out all the basic checks including scanning the vehicles system for diagnostic trouble codes, many dealerships are suggesting a complete replacement ABS unit is required.

Unfortunately once these vehicles are outside of the warranty period a replacement unit can exceed $2000.  Injectronics can offer a cost effective and time saving alternative. Injectronics can remanufacture the customers own MK61 ABS. This also guarantees no programming is required once the unit is refitted to the vehicle, also saving you time and money.


  1. ABS module must be left attached to hydraulic block and motor.
  2. Before removing the unit from the vehicle, check and record all fault codes.
  3. Supply these and any other diagnostic information when sending unit to Injectronics.
  4. Before removing pipes, clean all dust / grit off ABS module and pipes.
  5. When pipes have been removed, seal all holes in ABS hydraulic block to ensure no dirt ingress.
  6. Pack unit very well to avoid damage during transportation.
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