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Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 - Intermittent no start

The Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 is a very common vehicle in Australia and New Zealand with over 300 thousand on the road.   IM Group’s customers have come across a common fault with these vehicles being an intermittent no start issue.  The vehicles in question include:

  • Ford Ranger PJ series 2007-2009, WE-C (3.0L) WL-C (2.5L)
  • Ford Ranger PK series 2009-2011, WE-C (3.0L) WL-C (2.5L)
  • Mazda BT50 UN J97M 2006-2011, WE-C (3.0L) FL-C (2.5L)

Common faults:

  • The vehicles starter motor will crank but the engine will not start, there will be no check engine light or glow light operation in the instrument cluster intermittently.
  • The ignition key may have to be cycled multiple times until the check engine and glow lights in instrument cluster illuminate. Once the check engine & glow lights illuminate the engine will start.
  • BAP sensor / MAP sensor performance code
  • No communication between the ECM and scan tool
  • No Injector outputs
  • Immobiliser issues

Injectronics can provide the following solutions:

  • A repair of the customer’s own unit
  • Supply a fully programmed exchange unit (customer must provide the original unit)
  • Supply an ECM in a virgin (new) state.  Ford factory scan tool, IDS or FMP programming will be required
  • Supply a cloned ECM, matched to the immobiliser if the vehicle is immobilised
  • Immobiliser key programming or programming immobiliser to ECM as required

Immobiliser system:

The part numbers on the ECM’s does not determine if the unit is immobilised or not.  A unit with the same part number can be either immobilised or non-immobilised.  Immobilised vehicles have an antenna coil imbedded in the black plastic trim ring around the ignition key barrel and a separate immobiliser module located above the ECM. 

Part numbers include:

  • 0 281 012 704
  • 0 281 012 875
  • 0 281 013 055
  • 0 281 016 312
  • 0 281 016 316
  • 0 281 019 357
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