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Ford Falcon FG / Territory SZ Interior Command Centre

The latest addition to our long list of test and repair services is for the common Ford Falcon FG and Ford Territory SZ interior command centre or otherwise known as ICC

Customers have found common faults with these units to include:

  • Buttons wont operate
  • No display
  • Screen dead
  • Cracked screen
  • Screen will only display logo


This repair service enables the original failed component to be repaired and returned, enabling the customer to refit the unit to the vehicle, saving considerable time and costs, while removing the need for further programming to the vehicle.

Injectronics can provide a prompt repair service for electronic and mechatronic products fitted to all parts of the vehicle, with our offering ranging from electronic control modules (ECM's), body control modules (BCM's), electronic steering locks, dash clusters, ABS modules just to name a few.  

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