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Fixing Mazda B2600 Air Mass Meter Issues

Injectronics has received many calls from customers with Mazda B2600/Ford Courier Air Mass Meters that have failed and have been replaced with an Air Mass Meter from a Volvo. While the Volvo unit will physically fit and has the same pin out as the B2600/Courier, the voltage outputs of the 2 units are different and unique to their respective cars.

The 2 units have the same static voltage of 1.4v with ignition on engine not running, but as can be seen in the graph below the two units have different starting voltages at idle and then across the whole range to high RPM.

The B2600/Courier Air Mass Meter has a lower output voltage, so if the Volvo Air Mass Meter is fitted it will tend to make the vehicle run rich across the whole range. The slight voltage difference can have a great effect on fuel economy and ignition timing. To address this issue effectively, Injectronics offers a fully reconditioned Air Mass Meter specifically designed to suit Mazda B2600 and Ford Courier vehicles. This ensures accurate air measurement, fuel-air mixture control, and adherence to emission standards, thereby promoting fuel efficiency and preserving engine longevity.

By choosing Injectronics as a trusted supplier, customers can benefit from Injectronics’ extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive industry. Injectronics’ commitment to delivering reliable reconditioned Air Mass Meters, tailored to specific vehicle models like the Mazda B2600 and Ford Courier, enables technicians and car owners to address faults without compromising performance or regulatory compliance.

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