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Bose Automotive Amplifiers

Bose amplifiers have long been associated with high-quality automotive and home sound systems. Bose Automotive range of amplifiers are designed to deliver high-quality sound.  The amplifier receives a small electrical audio signal and increases it to a much higher signal capable of driving the vehicles speakers without loss of volume or clarity.

Injectronics have heard that owners of vehicles fitted with the Bose sound system have experienced a number of common faults when these amplifiers fail.  These faults include crackling / thumping noise coming from the speakers, “Machine gun” and static type sounds, to no sound at all.


Three wiring plugs connect the amplifier to the vehicles sound system, the connectors should be checked for correct and tight fitment, and the wiring checked for any issues such as shorts or loss of continuity.


Due to the Bose system's design, replacing the unit with an aftermarket unit is not possible, and a second-hand unit may only temporarily fix the problem. Still, it will be susceptible to the same inherent problem as the root cause has not been rectified, leaving the customer forced to purchase an expensive new amplifier.

Injectronics can provide a repair solution for the customer, repairing the customers own unit to better than OE quality.  The repair service can usually be completed in a few days, getting you back on the road with your music as soon as possible.

Check out the link to the repair part number here

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