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Holden VE - Stop lights not operating

Holden Commodore VE / Statesman WM / Caprice WM series – Stop lights not operating due to (BCM) Body Control Module failure

Engine: 3.0L, 3.6L & 6.0L   Year: 2006-2013

Body Control Module part no #15921353

Injectronics’ technical support are regularly contacted by customers enquiring about the stop lights either not operating or staying illuminated on their Holden Commodore VE series or Statesman/Caprice WM series. In most cases this problem arises after the vehicle has been used for towing purposes. This may be caused due to overloading the circuit or a dead short.

As with many vehicles today the BCM controls the operation of the stop lights including the centre high mounted stop lamp. The BCM provides a 5-volt reference voltage & a low reference signal to the Brake Pedal Position Sensor (BPPS). When the brake is applied, the BPPS sends a signal proportional to the pedal travel to the BCM. The BCM supplies battery voltage to the stop lamps, ECM & TCM. The stop lamps will not operate unless the ignition is in the ON position.

Injectronics can test and repair these BCM’s for stop light failure avoiding the need to reprogram a brand new replacement unit saving time and money.

The BCM on the affected vehicles is located on the RH side of the steering column and can be accessed by removing the steering column panel/fuse panel cover.

Prior to reinstalling the BCM customers are also advised to have the stop lights and associated wiring checked on the vehicle, as well as the trailer to avoid any further damage reoccurring.

You can visit for more details, to locate your nearest reseller or to book in a repair.

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