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Test your Injectors

Save time & money in your diagnosis, test the injectors. Compression, Fuel, Air and Ignition, are the fundamental elements needed for all internal combustion engines to operate. In petrol engines, ignition of the fuel/air mixture occurs due to the generation of a high tension spark, while diesels require heat generated by an increase in cylinder pressure and temperature.

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Watch Jeff from TAT discuss our Hybrid batteries

Take a look as Jeff from The Automotive Technician discusses the installation of the 2007 Toyota Prius hybrid battery pack, supplied by Injectronics.   Jeff points out the differences when purchasing a genuine battery from Toyota against a plug and play, complete battery and battery management system that is available from Injectronics.   Visit hybrid. injectronics. com.

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Replace or Repair?

Modern vehicles commonly feature a slew of complex, electronic modules controlling the driveline, braking/stability systems, security systems, climate control – heck there’s even controllers working the wipers (auto rain detect) and automatic headlight levelling. As we all know, these control modules are prone to failure – with correct diagnosis and rectification anything but straightforward.

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OEM Vs Remanufactured Hybrid battery

Just as the engine, gearbox and diff in a traditional vehicle all have a finite service life, so too does the battery pack in a hybrid vehicle – eventually they all require replacement. When that time comes, there’s essentially two options: New (OEM) or offsite repair - if you can find a service provider near you.

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