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Product Type
Electronic Control Module
Part Number
Mazda CX-9 ECM - Prompt repair service
Repair service of customers own unit
  • This is a test and repair service of the customers own unit
  • The customer must send the ECM, instrument cluster, key reader and key for testing / repairs
  • Please contact Injectronics if your fault is not listed as additional components may be required
  • View our Tech Talk on this part number here
02Instrument Cluster
03Key Reader
  • Mazda CX9 CX-9 TB CAV6 (2007-2016)
  • 850A-12A650-NB
  • 850A12A650NB
  • 6JXCJ33A14
  • 6JXCJ33001LQ
  • A50A-12A650-KA
  • A50A12A650KA
  • C50A12A650NC
  • C50A-12A650-NC
  • BB4A12B684DA
  • BB4A-12B684-DA
  • 6MXKDESS66
  • 6MXKDES014EH
  • Engine misfiring
  • Premature failure of ignition coils
  • No start
  • Fault code P0300 - Engine misfire detected
  • P0351 - Ignition coil A Primary/secondary circuit fault
  • P0352 - Ignition coil B Primary/secondary circuit fault
  • P0353 - Ignition coil C Primary/secondary circuit fault
  • P0354 - Ignition coil D Primary/secondary circuit fault