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Replace or Repair?

Modern vehicles commonly feature a slew of complex, electronic modules controlling the driveline, braking/stability systems, security systems, climate control – heck there’s even controllers working the wipers (auto rain detect)...

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Toyota Hilux KUN Instrument cluster fault

Injectronics technical team are seeing an increasing amount of inquires relating to the Toyota Hilux KUN 16/25/26 2005-2015 instrument cluster. The instrument cluster relies on many inputs from sensors such as the temperature sensor, wheel speed sensors via the ABS unit and fuel sender unit to relay important information to the driver.

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Isuzu - FRR500 Wiring loom

The Isuzu FRR500 comes in a variety of different body configurations, from a small tip truck to long wheelbase flatbeds such is the versatility of this model. During a recent inspection of a customer’s Engine Control Module (ECM) for fault code “P0045 Turbo Control Valve Circuit Open,” Injectronics discovered a common issue occurring with these trucks.

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Injectronics’ hybrid battery remanufacturing exchange program

Workshops nationally will have the ability to offer their customers more, and increase their servicing and repairs footprint, thanks to Injectronics’ hybrid battery remanufacturing exchange program.

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ABS - How Injectronics can assist with this technology

Cars are pretty safe these days, but they weren’t always. As technology has improved, car fatalities have dropped. Our cars are protecting us better than ever before. If you look at the introduction of various safety measures you can see a correlation with the reduction in road deaths.

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Advanced keyless systems

When I was a kid a mate of mine had an early 1970’s Datsun 1600. It was a ripper of a car. It was well before CD players were standard equipment, you used your muscles to open and close the windows and a credit card could turn the ignition on.

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Free tech support to the trade

What sets Injectronics apart from everyone else in the automotive industry is the ongoing service that it gives to its customers. Since 1984, Injectronics has been providing supply solutions for electronic and mechatronic components to the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers.

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Holden Cruze Body Control Module

Modern Body Control Modules (BCM) monitor a vast array of electronic body functions in today’s vehicles from lights, security, windows, and door locks, to mention a few. The BCM in the Holden Cruze communicates with other onboard control modules via the vehicles CAN Bus network.

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Mercedes Benz ME9.7 Electronic Control Module

The Mercedes Benz C/E/G/M and S Class vehicles that have a build date from 2005 up to 2014 utilised the Bosch ME9. 7 Electronic Control Module (ECM)  Injectronics have noted many workshops reporting a range of common problems with these vehicles fitted with the Bosch ME9. 7 ECM.

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