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The Volvo L120F front loader ECM

The Volvo L120F wheel loader is a flexible all-rounder. It is utilized for heavy and precision-demanding applications in gravel pits, timber yards, harbours, goods terminals, and various industrial settings. It is controlled by an Electronic Control Module (ECM).  The same ECM is also used to control many other trucks and heavy machineries such as Loaders and Excavators.

ECM PART NUMBER: 03161983P03



  • Volvo L120F Wheel Loader 2006
  • Volvo/UD Truck FE
  • Volvo/UD Truck FM
  • Volvo/UD Truck FL
  • Volvo/UD Truck D7E
  • Volvo/UD Truck DXI7


These ECM’s are often prone to water damage due to their physical location in the vehicle. The engine harness is also subject to age and stress-related wear and tear due to the rigorous environments in which these vehicles operate. A damaged engine harness can also cause damage to the ECM, resulting from a short circuit.

For the best result, if the ECM has been tested and subsequently repaired or even if a new ECM has been fitted, it is vital to thoroughly inspect the engine harness for any damage to the insulation or any loose connections. Be sure to check all the injector solenoids have the correct resistance and are free from any signs of physical damage. 


Technicians have described the following common faults presenting with a faulty ECM

  1. No communication (ECM is completely unresponsive)
  2. No Crank at all, blowing the main fuse.
  3. Intermittent, no start or stalling of the engine.   
  4. Running rough or misfiring (White smoke).


To confirm if the ECM is faulty, Injectronics recommends some basic tests are conducted before removing ECM. Check for blown fuses and the condition of the battery and related wiring. Batteries should hold a voltage of a minimum of 9 volts while cranking the engine. 

Check ECM for communication with a suitable scan tool. If the ECM has communication and fault codes are logged, troubleshoot according to the logged fault codes. Also, complete a visual inspection of the engine harness for any damage or loose connections. 


Injectronics offer a test and repair service of the customer's unit.   All diagnosis must be completed before sending your unit for repair.  Many different faults and issues can arise from the aforementioned problems. To give our engineers the best chance of confirming the reported fault when testing your unit, we rely on all the correct diagnoses to be performed before units are sent to Injectronics.

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