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Mitsubishi Outlander / Pajero Accelerator Pedal Postion Fault

Mitsubishi Outlander/Pajero – Fault code P2138

  • Mitsubishi OUTLANDER ZF 4G69 2004-2006,
  • PAJERO NP 6G75 2004-2006


  • Accelerator pedal position sensor (main & sub) range / performance
  • Fault code P2138

It is a common fault for these vehicles to exhibit an accelerator pedal (APPS) correlation fault code. The vehicle may begin to stall or lose power (going into limp mode while driving).  Cycling of the ignition switch after the event occurs, may allow the vehicle start & drive as per normal. Cycling the ignition switch may rectify the drivability issue for a short time, as this process effectively resets the ECM until the next accelerator pedal correlation fault code occurs.

Upon diagnosis / inspection, the technician will notice that the scan tool live data feedback voltages from the APP’S 1 & 2 are erratic and unstable when the fault occurs.

A rest voltage of approximately 0.8 volts should be seen with ignition on / throttle closed, with a gradual increase in voltage as the pedal is pressed, reaching a maximum voltage of approximately 4.5 volts when the pedal is fully depressed.

Commonly there is an acquired fault in the ECM which may can cause the throttle pedal correlation faults mentioned above.  Injectronics can fully bench test these ECM’s for this fault and have a complete repair procedure to repair these ECMs as required.

In order to function test the ECM, Injectronics require the ECM, immobiliser / antenna, key, throttle pedal & throttle body assemblies. 

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