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Mercedes Benz ME9.7 Electronic Control Module

The Mercedes Benz C/E/G/M and S Class vehicles that have a build date from 2005 up to 2014 utilised the Bosch ME9.7 Electronic Control Module (ECM) 

Injectronics have noted many workshops reporting a range of common problems with these vehicles fitted with the Bosch ME9.7 ECM. Complaints have ranged from; the car can be intermittently hard to start, usually when the vehicle is warm.  The car reportedly also cuts out when hot with no fuel pump operation and runs rough.

Vehicles include: 

  • W203 / W204 C Class
  • W211 207 E Class
  • W209 CLK Class

Common Faults:

  • No start (can be intermittent - when hot)
  • No communication to ECM with a scan tool
  • No spark
  • Blowing supply fuse to ECM, ignition coils, etc
  • No earth to fuel pump


If the Scan tool cannot communicate with the ECM and there is a burnt smell present, then you can assume the ECM has failed.  An intermittent fault is more difficult to verify as it will only occur during certain environmental conditions, for example, when the vehicle is hot or after a certain amount of driving. 

A technician can confirm the ECM is faulty if the scan tool losses communication or the fuel pump ceases operating while driving, causing the engine to stop. For faults relating to engine misfires, a technician must complete check of the vehicle's wiring and components such as ignition coils and plugs.


Injectronics can function test and repair a faulty ME9.7 ECM.  For testing purposes, the customer must send the ECM, EIS & a key so the unit can be fully bench tested.

Repair Part Number: ME97REP

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