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MAN - Truck ECM

MAN (2003 onward) Truck Electronic Control Module

The EDC7C32 engine management system is often paired with MAN diesel engines manufactured from the mid 2000’s and were used in a variety of applications such as street-sweepers, excavators, heavy trucks, Buses and even boats!

Where the engines differ in size, capacity and application the EDC unit remains relatively similar, meaning faults that affect the humble street-sweeper can also occur in the mighty trucks and buses using the same system.

Some examples of common faults as seen by Injectronics are listed below:

  • Turbo Actuator control Fault
  • Injector misfires / No injection at all
  • Cutting out when hot
  • No communication with scan tool
  • Corrosion in connector plug / harness
  • Ingress of engine oil through the harness/connector

Replacement of these units can cost thousands of dollars and may still require programming and linking to your security system.

Injectronics can effectively test, repair or even transfer the software coding to another unit should it be required saving you time and money.  Visit for further information.

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