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Holden VE / VF TEHCM Faults

HOLDEN VE / VF SERIES - Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TEHCM)

Common faults include:

  • Harsh gear shift
  • No gear shift
  • Hesitation in gear change

The GM Holden TEHCM combines the Transmission control module, valve body solenoids, pressure and temperature switches into one unit. The original TEHCM design is flawed. Injectronics TEHCM’s are remanufactured using a material called Polyether Ether Ketone, a form of plastic that is resistant to thermal decomposition and remains in its original form when it comes into contact with debris.

All our Remanufactured TEHCM’s are supplied with correct software installed according to your vehicle’s VIN. This eliminates a costly trip to the dealer for programming.

Currently 5 part numbers available:

  • 24241890
  • 24238968
  • 24257213
  • 24258304
  • 24267576

Before ordering your remanufactured TEHCM Injectronics require the OE number stamped on the original unit (shown right) and the VIN. Visit for more info

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