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Holden Cruze JG series Camshaft Sensor Faults

Holden Cruze JG 2009-2011 - Engine F18D4 1.8L

Camshaft sensor fault codes: P0340, P0341, P0365, P0366.

Camshaft codes are mostly associated with a faulty cam sensor, wiring & or ECM. The Cruze ECM’s (F18D4) are also very commonly water damaged.

The camshaft codes can often be seen after the timing belt has been replaced or disturbed. The technician working on the vehicle will have normally checked/replaced the cam sensor/s, checked the associated wiring & possibly even tried another ECM.

In this instance the ECM is logging fault code/s for the camshaft sensor, it does not necessary mean that the camshaft sensor/s, wiring or ECM are at fault. The fault codes can be due to incorrect timing belt installation procedure.

The camshaft sprockets in the Holden Cruze F18D4 engine are not key way located to the camshafts. They rely on the camshaft sprocket retaining bolt tension to maintain the camshaft sprocket to camshaft alignment. If the camshaft sprockets or camshaft move or are forced, (it may be only a few degrees) by trying to rotate the sprocket/s during a timing belt installation, the ECM will see a mismatch between the crankshaft & camshaft sensors signals & log a camshaft sensor code.


During any timing belt removal/installation, the use of special alignment tools is required.

The Holden Cruze F18D4 camshafts have a machined relief in the end of the camshafts to allow fitment of a camshaft locking plate & the camshaft sprockets are locked by a locating tool.

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