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Holden Cruze Body Control Module

Modern Body Control Modules (BCM) monitor a vast array of electronic body functions in today’s vehicles from lights, security, windows, and door locks, to mention a few. The BCM in the Holden Cruze communicates with other onboard control modules via the vehicles CAN Bus network.

Injectronics have seen an increasing number of these units failing with the customer complaining of, brake lights, indicators or park lights not working.  Another common issue being that the gear selector will not come out of the park position and the key can become stuck in the ignition.

Affected Vehicles include:  

  • Holden Cruze JG 1.8L - F18D4 I4 16V DOHC VVT (2009-2011)
  • Holden Cruze JG 2.0L - Z20S1 I4 16V SOHC (2009-2011)

Reported common faults:

  • Ignition key locked in barrel, cannot be removed.
  • Brake lights are not operating. 
  • Indicators are not operating.
  • Transmission shifter locked in park, won't release.
  • AUX power/cigarette lighter has no power.
  • Boot release won't work.
  • Courtesy lights won't operate.
  • Park lamps inoperative.

Common fault codes:

  • Fault code B2585 - Left Park lamp control circuit malfunction.
  • Fault code B3867 - Right Park lamp control circuit malfunction.
  • Fault code B3883 - license plate lamp circuit malfunction.
  • Fault code U0140 - lost communication with BCM.


When diagnosing a BCM fault, a scan of the vehicles fault codes via the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) is crucial.  Results of the scan will guide the technician in determining if the fault is wiring related or associated with the vehicles BCM.

For a fault where the brake lights are not operating, the BCM provides a 5-volt reference voltage and a low reference signal to the Brake Pedal Position Sensor (BPPS). When the brake is applied, the BPPS sends a signal proportional to the pedal travel to the BCM. The BCM supplies battery voltage to the stop lamps, ECM & TCM.                                                                                 

Injectronics can test and repair these BCMs for stop light failure and other common faults, avoiding the need to reprogram a replacement unit saving time and money. The location of the BCM is in the centre of the vehicle behind the drivers' side left-hand kick trim.

A power window relearn is required upon refitting a repaired unit.  After disconnecting the battery or the power window control switch, the 'Auto up' function will need resetting. To reset perform the following:

  1. Turn ignition ON and fully open the driver's window
  2. Lift the driver's window switch fully and close the window
  3. Hold the switch up for at least 2 seconds after the window has closed
  4. Repeat for the other windows

Repair Part Number: 13574841REP

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