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BMW footwell module

The BMW footwell Module (FRM) is standard in many vehicles in the BMW range.  Located in the right-hand kick panel, the FRM is a 128 pin, three plug control unit, featuring two 51 pin connectors for the main wiring harness.  Plus as a single 26 pin connector dedicated to the instrument cluster and dashboard, controlling features such as interior and exterior lighting. Failure of the FRM is a common occurrence across the entire BMW range.

Customer complaint:

BMW owners have experienced many common issues indicating a faulty FRM.  Indicators were not functioning either via the remote when unlocking and locking the doors, or when using the indicator stalk while driving the vehicle.  Owners have also reported an intermittent loss of power window and side mirror function along with interior lights not illuminating or the headlights remaining on.

Common Faults

  • Power windows inoperable
  • Indicators inoperable
  • Side mirrors inoperable
  • Interior lights inoperable
  • No communication between the scan tool and FRM
  • The fault often occurs after the vehicle has been jump-started
  • Headlights staying on


The fault often occurs after a vehicle has been jump-started or the vehicle's battery has been changed. If one or more of the listed faults are present, or communication via the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) plug is not possible.  Or if fault codes relating to the FRM operation are retrieved from other modules,  it can then be determined that the FRM is at fault.


Dealerships often replace a faulty FRM; this can be costly and will also require programming at extra cost to the owner.  A replacement will be more likely to fail again as the root cause of the problem has not been recified.

Injectronics can offer a repair of the FRM, saving any additional programming charges.  The FRM, located behind the right-hand kick panel.  The Central Access Module (CAS) and key are required for testing or repairs.   

Note: please ensure the vehicle's battery is fully charged and tested before refitting the FRM module as mentioned earlier this is the most common cause leading to FRM failure.

Repair Part Number:  BMWFRMREP / BMWFRM2REP

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